Exercise 1 – Chapter 7
Give a reason why a data center might be interested in virtualization.

1. Easier migration to cloud -With move of several virtual machines. One is much near the full-blown cloud environment.
2. The cost is reduced – The expensive equipment is the data center of the hardware. The less the hardware, the less the hardware.
3. Easier to test -In case of a mistake which can as well be reverted to the snapshots previously.
4. Easier to backup – Full backups can be done.

5. There is less heat buildup -With servers visualization, there is reduced hardware and thus heat.
6. Better disaster recovery РRecovery of disaster is very easy when someone’s data center is under visualization.

Exercise 21 – Chapter 7
Running multiple virtual machines on a PC is known to require large amounts of memory.
Why? Can you think of any ways to reduce the memory usage? Explain.

This is because of the requirement of memory through the operation systems in running, usually windows. A virtual machine needs memory such as other real machine. A virtual machine is able to claim some of the true machine to use in its memory. Most of the software of VM will allow one to specify the amount of memory to be allocated to each of them but too little and their speed can be low as well as unbreakable. The VM can use the memory and also the program. In reality, VM is a computer, instead of hardware; it utilizes hardware as it pretends to be hardware. Just like other real computer which needs memory, VM does that too. It needs memory in the storage its RAM.