World History 2 Essay: This assignment needs 5 paragraphs. Pick either number one or 2. You need a Intro body and Conlusion. I need a citation page, with the links to the websites. THE PARAGRAPHS need there own explanation and need to be cited when using evidence as well. You also need to use the book Panorama A World History Volume 2 from 1300. Ross E. Dunn Laura J Mitchell. Please Cite the in body paragraphs if you use any sentences that are from the book and are not an opinion. Instructions: Two of the following prompts will be on the exam. You will choose and write ONE essay. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. This is an essay, so be sure to use proper essay structure: Introductory paragraph with thesis statement. This is neither a fact, a question, nor an opinion, but is instead a reasonably specific possible answer to a question (think how? or why? thing happened). Vague or incoherent theses are unacceptable Body paragraphs (ABSOLUTE MINIMUM three, but more is certainly better here), with topic sentence, CITED evidence, details, and YOUR OWN EXPLANATION. You should explain how your pieces of evidence support both your topic sentence for the paragraph and your overall thesis Conclusion summing up your points and tying it all back to your thesis Because we are doing this in such an unusual situation with our online format, I am requiring you to CITE all of your evidence that you use in your essay. Additionally, I am requiring you to CITE from our class materials: Our textbooks (Panorama and Personalities and Problems) Lecture notes (if in-person lecture please give date, if PDF posted on the Canvas modules then parenthetically cite the lecture name) While I encourage you to do outside reading and research while preparing for this exam, make sure your evidence comes from within our class resources Write a paper outline each for the two prompts you have prepared. I will allow you to use it on the exam. There will be a time limit, so do not attempt to do this on the fly. Prepare it ahead of time, citations and all. Uncited or vague historical examples will not help you. Your exams will be run through Vericite, so cite and paraphrase CAREFULLY. 1. In the last decades of the 19th century, European new imperialism dramatically reshaped many parts of the globe. Explain how the colonial powers divided Africa. How many territories were superimposed on Africa, and how many of these were new? What were the long-term consequences of these actions up until WWI, and up until today? 2. Consider the differing experiences of China and Japan in the 19th and early to mid-20th century. How and why do these experiences and trajectories differ dramatically? What decisions were made by Japan in the latter 19th century that made their experience so different, and why? What do we call the main political event of this period of Japanese history, and how does it impact their military and economic successes and failures through WWII?