1) Standardize; 2) Diagram, and 3) explain if the premises are appropriate or inapplicable, and why.
• If a law is so vague that it is difficult to know what counts as a violation of it, and if there is really no distinct and clear harm that this law could prevent, then the law should be abolished. Laws that prohibit loitering have both of these defects. The conclusion to which we are driven is obvious: laws against loitering should be abolished.
• Tennis is a much more demanding game than basketball because it is playe d either singly or in pairs, which means that a person is moving nearly all the time. Basketball is a team sport, and you can sometimes relax and leave things up to the other members. Also, tennis calls for much more arm strength than basketball.
• A turkey is a nerve impulse on legs. A turkey minus its head is marginally ore brain-dead than one in full possession of its noggin. … I remember once coming home to find some of my turkeys standing outside in a deluge of rainwater, too stupid to go back through the open door of a coop that was warm and dry. Another time, I tried a small experiment by using feed to lead some turkeys a short distance from their coop just to see if they could find the way back alone. They couldn’t. Flowers know how to open and close. But turkeys can’t figure out where they live and eat.
• Nobody should undertake college education without at least some idea of what he or she wants to do and where he or she wants to go in life. But out world is so full of change that we cannot predict which fields will provide job openings in the future. Given this, we can’t form any reasonable life plans. So nobody should go to college.