Explain why the Internet is one of the most important inventions that changed the path of the outside world around us, as it changed the course of social, political and scientific life and many forms of life. Without the Internet, I would not have been able to write that research paper and I would not be enrolled in that great educational institution The Internet appeared specifically in the middle of the twentieth century in the year 1969, as it appeared as a means of continuing its purpose to link universities and institutions concerned with scientific research and military purposes of the United States of America as it was established by the US Department of Defense Internet work started on huge computers, as it was used at that time, which caused many problems, as it made using it very difficult Scientists began to search and think in order to invent and simplify things So the old internet should have been transformed from the wired image to the wireless image, and here the great development of technology started from digital languages, which later evolved into the currently accepted programming languages. And the Internet was used only in US military establishments until 1983 And from that date the Internet was divided into two parts, one of them was called Milnet, and that was for military institutions only, and the other part was called Urban, from here the public was allowed to use it. And the internet was very expensive to use And with the passage of time, the Internet has evolved to become accessible to all And in 1984, more than 1000 computers were connected to the Internet, and the numbers increased until 1989, to more than 100,000 computers connected to the Internet. Until the now-recognized programming language, HTML, appeared in 1989 Until the internet popularity rate started to increase, until it reached our present time and it has become an indispensable means in our daily life. And Mosaic browser took precedence as it was the first web browser in the world and was used by operating systems such as windows & mac and the development of browser shapes until it reached to form them knowledge like google & oprea