this is a memo, please follow the format as a memo.
Memo: Explore a transformative government or non-profit outcome + explain the process(es) driving it (including Covid solutions)

➢ The focus of this memo is to elevate an outcome in context, and dissect a process that is driving that outcome.
➢ This memo will explain transformation (ex: Built for Zero has ended chronic homelessness, CA has increased SNAP uptake) — and the real world impact on people (ex: just three years ago there was an average of 16 unhoused youth in XX City, today there are none)
➢ It will also clearly explain the process(es) (data, user focus/human-centered design, process improvement) that are critical to driving the change and elevate obstacles or challenges that were overcome.
➢ Excellent memos will likely require engaging a person familiar with the outcome/impact to affirm what is driving the change and will demonstrate impact and an understanding of what drove those outcomes.

● Footnote or link critical sources
● Have a clear thesis, supported by evidence
● Have a summary paragraph
● Easily summarized and tackle the core criteria per memo
● Rely on source material for substantiating
● Draw on particularly: human-centered design + data, process for implementation