This is your opportunity to dig a bit more deeply into a reading that interested you for one reason or another. Responses could include personal applications, new insights, and/or areas of agreement or disagreement with the author. Close reading/discussion of the text is a plus here, as are thoughtfully chosen, well-explained quotations. Please use these responses as a space for you to explore/develop particular insights or lines of thought; in other words, rather than just listing points you agree with or disagree with, it would be better for you to focus on one key point and develop your discussion of that issue. Feel free to reference the class discussion of that reading if that seems appropriate or useful. Focus your responses on the reading. Bring in your own views and perspectives, but connect them to the material. Develop one idea. Explore one idea in depth rather than trying to make multiple points. Use evidence. Draw from the text, other readings, and/or your experiences to support your arguments. Write well. Keep your sentences fluent and error-free and site the reading