Explore the development of the British economy in the period when it begins to feel the winds of competition from abroad Examine the historial debate about British ‘decline’ and how its led historians to explore a wide range of related topics Case study approach to examine the impact of British economic development- use Glasgow Key concepts- urbanisation and politics? Introduction •Relevant but brief/ general background to the debate •Why did some people at the time think Britain was experiencing economic decline? Fears that Britain’s economy was lagging behind its competitors and was in danger of losing her industrial and economic pre-eminence. The British industry was no longer dominate and was being surpassed by larger countries containing more inhabitants, such as the United States of American and Germany. •Why do historians continue to debate the issue? •Reasons why they debated it then and now (polarised opinion is two different opinions) •How do we measure decline? What does it look like? Primary Sources (contemporaries) Secondary Sources (historians)