Assignment: Given the current crisis seen across the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic, use your management knowledge to identify problems and think of solutions that managers are currently facing pertaining to the questions below: A. What organizational structure in your opinion would be the best suited to handle this crisis.? Support your answer with theory and examples from the real world? (1125 words) B. What would be HRs role in adapting to this new normal? What should HR do to ensure that the employees are able to work from home? Support your answer with theory and examples from the real world? (1125 words) C. Organizational change has been forced on different firms due to the pandemic. What are the different types of changes that managers face? Can you give an example of organizational change? (750 words) Total of 3000 words They are separate parts each has a small intro and conclusion (about one sentence), each should have valid examples and logical answers, valid strong references, good format, Theories included from the book (Down in the references from chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17). Reference websites to check:–how-companies-should respond Or any other valid strong reference you think is appropriate. But most importantly from the management book: p.robbins, s., coulter, m., sidani, y. and jamali, d., 2015. Management, Second Arab World Edition With Mymanagementlab. 2nd ed. [Place of publication not identified]: PEARSON EDUCATION Limited. Comprehensive knowledge Detailed understanding of the subject area Extensive background study Highly focussed answer and well structured Logically presented and defended arguments No factual/computational errors Original interpretation New links between topics are developed New approach to a problem Excellent presentation with very accurate communication