1. How does Skullcandy’s new product development activities affect its ability to (a) maximize the fit with customer needs, (b) minimize development cycle time, and (c) control development costs?
2. What are some of the ways that Skullcandy’s size and growth rate influence its development process?
3. What are the advantages of using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and stereolithography to create prototypes of Skullcandy’s headphones?
4. If you were advising the top management of Skullcandy about new product development processes, what recommendations would you make?

1. Identify an example of collaboration between two or more organizations. What were the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration versus solo development? What collaboration mode did the partners choose? What were the advantages and disadvantages of the collaboration mode?

2. Identify an example of companies that successfully adopted an open innovation model (i.e., commercializing external/internal ideas by deploying outside/in-house pathways to the market).

3. What were the most interesting / important / insightful lessons from this week’s lecture?