Watch the movie “Adaptation” by Spike Jones . Watch it by clicking here: (use the following credentials: Username=English; Password=English1234). Scroll and find the movie title “ADAPTATIONS” you can watch it there. Then after watching the movie answer the questions briefly, this is for a class discussion online I have to post the answers to the questions. i will provide them here the questions that need to be answered I will also prove an article about Roland Barthes “Death of an author” so it will be easier for you to understand the questions . QUESTIONS TO ANSWER (doesn’t have to be so long) (this assignment is for a discussion board question I have to post online in my class) 1. How does the film address some of the ideas of Roland Barthes’ “The Death of the Author”? 2. Approach the text using a deconstructive strategy: Identify as many of the film’s pattern(s) of dualisms or binary oppositions (e.g. book vs. film; author vs. screenwriter, etc.) as possible; In each of these pairings, determine which ideas appear to be privileged (or superior to the other); Look for evidence or instances that overturn, contradict, or question the established hierarchy between the two ideas, figures, or concept (thereby exposing the text’s ambiguity or indeterminacy).