How many of you have explored this concept of EI? It’s an amazingly important concept and one that has tremendous impact on your professional development. Find an EI assessment online (they can be free), and complete the reflection memo described in the assignment. This assignment has two parts: 1) Completion of an Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Many are available and you can find one that is free or one that might cost a bit, but will provide you more feedback. 2) Once you have completed the Emotional Intelligence Assessment, you will need to write a one-page memo to me reflecting upon your results and discussing what you can do NOW to mature emotionally. Specifically, from the findings from your assessment, identify your 1) strengths and 2) areas of growth as they would relate to your professional career. As a third item in your memo, discuss THREE specific actions you can take now as a student to develop a higher, more professional level of EI. Some good readings on EI: “What Makes a Leader?” Harvard Business Review, January 2004. You can obtain for free through the Library. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. If you would like to dig deeper in to EI, the book includes one of the most popular EI assessments.