Unit VIII Scholarly Activity
Have you ever known someone who was diagnosed with stress, anxiety, or a neurodevelopmental disorder? Did it cause you to want to conduct further research on how to help him or her or better understand his or her situation? Maybe you have personally experienced such a condition.
As you are thinking about the individual with stress, anxiety, or a neurodevelopmental disorder, begin to research articles in the Waldorf Online Library that might help you better understand the condition of this individual. Research articles that may help explain some of the symptoms and causes. Additionally, consider how this condition might affect his or her body. Locate at least three articles, which are no more than 10 pages in length that might arm you with information to help this individual. Now, imagine that you are the author of a blog. You do not want to identify your friend, but you know he or she reads your blog, so you begin to write a special blog for your friend without identifying him or her. You address the questions below in the blog.
1. What is the impact of the condition of someone with the condition you identified?
2. How might this individual better deal with the condition considering the research you have found?
3. How would you characterize the relationship between these interconnected but varied neurological systems as it
pertains to stress, anxiety, or a neurodevelopmental disorder?
4. How does research on stress, anxiety, and neurodevelopmental disorders help us understand these systems?
5. Differentiate the condition you selected to the other two mentioned in this unit; there are three total (i.e., stress,
anxiety, and neurodevelopmental disorders).
6. What resources can you offer/mention to individuals who have the condition that you have identified?
Note: Keep in mind that you will want to keep the name of the individual confidential. If you would like to use this person in your blog, please use an alias (fake name) for this individual.
You have two choices in how to create and submit your blog. See the choices below.
1. Download a newsletter template in Microsoft Word (or other software program) to begin your blog. Remember that your blog should be lively and interesting! Include images and properly cited references.
2. Utilize the Blog Tool in Blackboard.
Make your blog at least two pages/500 words in length with appropriate references in APA style for any supporting materials utilized.