1. The Readings are included there is no Textbook.
Read Themes in Education: Action Research by Eileen Terrance
Read How To Do Action Research In Your Classroom:Lessons from the Teachers Network Leadership Institute.
Read Understanding Action Research by Margaret Riel

View Presentation 1.1 Action Research
Discussions 1.1 Introductions and Teaching Context :
Please answer the following question provide a brief Introduction about myself and my teaching context keeping in mind that although this is the final course in the program, my professor and some other students in this course may not have interacted with me yet.
1. How would you concisely define action research -what it is and is not-in your own words?
2. What do you find compelling about this form of research ?
3. what do you find unclear, or what questions/concerns do I have at this point?

you have knowledge on this from my previous assignments on research from my other classes awhile ago use reference maybe from some APA format make sure its a paragraph for each question . This part is due on Monday . The Teacher Research Journal Entry 1.1 ok if you finish everything by my order due date its fine .Use as many sources ok divide the pages up for Discussion plus 2 peers response and the Assignment Journal Entry .Thank you so much