REPORT: The following headings are required in the Report 1Provide a brief overview of the organisation and the project. You should include detail of the organisations activities and its external environment. Discussion should identify the management structure of the company, its values, culture and dynamics. Include an explanation of the potential or actual impact of the project and its importance to the organisation. 2. Literature Review. Provide a review and critical analysis of both professional and academic literature relevant to the topic of your project and in the context of the organisation and its activities. Your choice of literature reflects your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. Identify 3-4 themes within which to organise relevant literature, presenting a minimum of one page per theme. Discuss the context of the project within the relevant professional environment. Discuss and critically evaluate the connection between the project and selected relevant referenced literature from the literature review section. Clearly present the relevant information that underpins the project, including examples from the project.