LO 1: Analyse the relevant health data which clearly identifies global patterns of health and disease
• The essay should identify the global health challenge and country selected on the poster
• Identify and analyse the relevant health data related the global health challenge identified within the poster (Part 1).
• The analysis should include a clear comparison of the identified global health challenge, between the selected international country and the UK; relevant data should be used to support this analysis, from credible/ academic sources. The use of reputable website is allowed. There is a list of websites within the Moodle ‘resources tile’

LO 2: In relation to a global health challenge, evaluate the relevant policies and contemporary public health practices that inform the role of the future nurse • A critical discussion of the global health initiatives to address the identified health challenge should then be appraised and presented alongside contemporary public health practices and the role of the future nurse, in addressing the identified global health challenge.
• Relevant policies should be referred to and evaluated

LO3: Evaluate collaborative and partnership approaches, in relation to tackling global health inequalities, across people of all ages, cultures and beliefs • Consider the services/ organisations/ charities/ voluntary agencies, who work collaboratively or in partnership to tackle the identified global health challenge. These may extend beyond traditional health services/ systems
• Consider whether health inequalities exist and how these are tackled
• Identification of specific determinants of health related to the identified health challenge would be advisable
• You may wish to identify a relevant model of health and include this within your analysis of the approaches employed to tackle the identified challenge
• Consider whether a specific population (or group within a population) is a greater risk in relation to the chosen global health challenge

LO4: Identify a global health challenge and critically discuss the initiatives to address the identified issue • Within the essay the student will critically discuss the initiatives to address the identified global health challenge