related to Chinese medicine, and the course itself offers a study of the concepts and principles regarding the relationship of man and the universe and the concept of unity of opposites in the classic Yellow Emperors Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing). In this assignment, the instructor asked the following: Choose a chapter from the Su Wen or Ling Shu which we have read and find another translation or two of the same chapter and compare them. What is different? What is similar? In comparing the two which one of the translations resonates with you and why. Then pick a line or two of your choosing in that chapter and using C-Text( medicine) obtain the original Chinese and then translate the characters in the line(s) then in your own words rewrite and make your own translation of the line(s) from the understanding of the characters. (Pleco is a free app for iOS and Android phones which is a great tool in translating Chinese characters) I uploaded 2 files that include 4 lectures, so you can have an idea what has been covered in the course. I prefer if you choose a chapter from the Su Wen because it has been covered more than any other text in the lectures, but you can choose what you see works better for the paper. The required texts for this course are: Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen: An Annotated Translation of Huang Dis Inner Classic Basic Questions: 2 volumes Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu: The Ancient Classic on Needle Therapy A complete Translation of The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine and the Difficult Classic Trans. Lu, Heny