Hi, This is a group assessment and My group’s business chosen: COMVITA (is a Health Products Company)
My part is topic two and three, please only finish those two topic.
Scenario for this assessment:

Your group has been employed as external International Marketing consultants for your chosen New Zealand business. The business you selected has hired you to prepare a detailed report which they intend to use as a blue-print for international expansion. The report is to cover the following issues:
• A shortlist of FOUR (4) possible emerging markets (countries) (we choose China, United States, India, Japan)and the selection of a preferred country to enter. For example recommending Gough Group’s equipment to China.
• A description of the specific nature of the opportunity focusing on market size /estimation of demand, competition and consumer tastes and preferences.

• An appropriate entry strategy for the overseas market you have chosen for your New Zealand business, whether exporting, licensing, franchising etc. Your discussion should include a clear justification of your chosen mode of entry.
• The global marketing strategy your New Zealand business should use for their good(s) or service(s) with particular focus on the standardisation-customisation aspect.
Ensure your discussion includes addresses strategic marketing aspects especially:
• Appropriate marketing mix.
• Long term international expansion.
You have been requested by the Marketing Manager of the New Zealand business that has employed you to relate the theory of International Marketing to their business as much as possible in order to increase the relevancy of your report for their staff. In particular you are requested to discuss any potential cultural problems with the business’s products