Directions: Directions: On a separate, typed page answer the following with minimal 100 words each.
1. It is your job to attempt to collect debt in your office. Which is the more effective strategy for collecting past due debt from a patient?
2. Patient Josey Booker calls to make an appointment. When you pull her up in the EMR, you see that she has been flagged for going to collections. How will you handle this situation?
3. Patient Maurice Jones has a past due amount of $ 30.00. When he comes in for his appointment you need to attempt to collect the past due amount. The past due amount is from a check that came back NSF and the fee of $25.00 for a returned check. How would you handle this situation? If he was expressing frustration about the amount due, what can you say/do to defuse the situation?
4. A patient had an emergency surgery 9 months ago. She was uninsured. The cost of her surgery was $16,658.30. The patient said she does not have the money to even set up payments. What can be done to help her?