This information needs to be taken for the book Human Resource Manager Dessler 16th edition ANGELOS PIZZA CASE STUDY Angleos Pizza explores the importance of establishing human resource (HR) practices as this organization expands. After having success with one store, Angelo decides to open two new stores and is considering opening more stores and even possibly franchising. However, there are some HR challenges that Angelo has with his existing business, such as high turnover, scheduling issues, lack of training and other staffing problems such as not hiring the correct staff. The case explores the need for structured orientation and new training programs, as well as better recruitment and selection practices. Questions: 1) List some specific human resource management practices that will help in the success of the new stores, which can include specific policies, recruitment practices and training. 2) Develop 2 questions to be used during a structured interview for hiring the following positions: a) store manager b) wait staff Relate these questions to the specific job and be sure they are about job knowledge, situational or behavioral questions. 3) How would you organize the training of your new employees?