Its time to delve into currency exchange and learn about some terms used in the field. We will start off with a short video created by a former Chief Portfolio Strategist of a $50 billion investment advisory firm: Money For the Rest of Us. (2017, May 24). Currency exchange rates explained [Video file]. Retrieved from Currency Exchange Visit this Currency Analysis site and see what data is available on the page. The landing page shows U.S. Dollar (USD) exchange rates compared with four other currencies. It also allows you to browse 147 currencies. For most currencies, the site will categorize: Exchange Rate Regime Level of Currency Instability Yearly average rate (4 years) Research and find out what these terms mean. Research two currencies (not on the front page) from countries that you have not yet featured in an assignment. Provide information explaining the two foreign currencies and how they are exchanged, the level of instability, and their yearly average rate. NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring (no higher than 75%) for all components of the grading rubric. Making (or Losing) Money in Currency Trading Research currency trading and share what you learned. What tools are used in this industry? Is it a safe form of investment? What type of returns are expected? Is currency trading something you might consider? Explain.