The business analysis reports have been designed as a learning tool that works in conjunction with the company visits. Each student will be asked to prepare a business analysis on two companies that they are familiar with or have visited throughout the program. This project is an individual project that will allow the students to explore a company of their interest and help to analyze as to what the company is doing well and what could be improved and to help the student improve their ability to reason through a working case study to find solutions.
• Understand the operations of the company
• Identify key challenges within MARCOM and as company in general.
• Recommend strategies to improve the department or company.
• Give an overall evaluation of the company visited.
Imagine you have an opportunity to write to a CEO or Manager of a company. You have been asked to present a business report with recommendations for improvement. To provide the premises for your report,
You should:
a) Use the MARCOM Business Analysis Template to write your report. This template is an aid for you to write your report. It can be modified base on the company you have
visited. This company could be one that you have visited or one that you are familiar
b) Prepare a Business Analysis Report based on the company of your choice.
c) Outline the overview of company, the major issues/problems of this business including the areas that has affected MARCOM/business practice.
d) Provide meaningful recommendations (at least 2-3) in your conclusion in which improve this business practice.
Your report structure should include:
• Cover page (report title, your name, submission date)
• Main body (headings– these could be for each section reviewed)
• Conclusion (recommendations for change)
• Reference list (list your sources if used)
A written business report for a CEO 2 pages 500-800 words, Font Arial, Size 11, double
spaced. You should use MARCOM concepts, (MARCOM) theories and professional practices that relate to the way organizations operate, in a critical and informed manner. A reference list outlining all the sources directly cited in your assignment with the Harvard Referencing.
Total weight of Midterm Assignment 1: 10% of the final grade