Prepare a 2000-word case study on leadership in action from your own practical organizational, business experience, or from some personal experience of team leadership e.g. teacher, sporting club, parent, etc. You may also interview a person in your own personal networks. The assignment should consist of three parts.

Part 1 (approximately 200 words)
The introductory section should provide a brief outline of the case chosen by you. This opening section should contain a brief summary of the leadership issues and context.

Part 2 (approximately 800 words x 2 theories = 1600 words)
In this section the student should prepare two 800-word reports using two different leadership theories (to be chosen from week 2-6 lecture slides in attachments) to analyse and problem solve the leadership issue described in Part 1.

The objective is to show how the application of different leadership theories to the same situation can provide different insights into effective or ineffective leadership in that situation. The two reports should outline and apply the chosen leadership theory, provide potential solutions to the leadership challenge and detail implications of the chosen approach(es).

Part 3 (approximately 200 words)
The concluding section should compare and contrast the outcomes and implications of the two chosen leadership theories, detailing insights and learnings from your application of leadership theory to the case you have chosen. Students will be expected to challenge and critique the two theories and review how the chosen (preferred) leadership framework may affect an organization’s results or effectiveness – drawing from course knowledge, assigned readings, as well as their own research within the academic literature.