Analysis, discuss and present your perspective on these (NOT necessary in the same order):
• Start with the basic premise of the case.
• Present some migrations trends (Latinos) which have created changes in the labor force especially in some parts of the USA. What are similarities and differences?
• Detail examples of cultural misunderstandings you have encountered, while reading the case. Why did they exist?
• Any legal and ethical dilemmas that exist in the organization?
• Assess the probable reasons for the unusual behaviors Sam Haws’ human resources directors observed
• Recommend specific proposals/programs to effectively deal with the various situations presented. What programs would you develop for Latinos? What programs would you recommend for your Anglo workforce? Include an implementation plan and time-frame for this cultural change
• Finally, recommend the profile of an HR Director
• What factors about the company/job would attract the person to the company? Bring in Recruitment, Selection & Retention strategies