A complete pre-lab report consists of: A. Title (2 pt): Preface each experiment with a desсrіptive title, your name, the date, your instructor’s name, and the day and time of your lab section. B. Purpose (4 pt): Write a brief statement outlining your experimental objective(s). If you are using a technique, i.e distillation, crystallization, etc, describe with your own words the principle of the technique to be used (5 sentences maximum) C+D+E (8 pts) C. Balanced chemical equation and Theoretical Yield. (Can be handwritten and attach image if you can not type) Present the balanced chemical equation and calculate the theoretical yield for all reactions, showing the appropriate math. D. Reagent Table: List all chemicals to be used, including solvents. List any hazards associated with each chemical. When a reaction is run, give the quantity of each reagent in grams or mL, along with MW, density and moles. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) are available for every chemical that you will be using in the lab. MSDS’s are intended to give toxicity information, safe handling, and information on what to do in case of exposure. E. Mechanism (if applicable, must be handwritten, and attach its image): Write clear stepwise mechanisms for all synthetic transformations, showing important intermediates where appropriate. F. Flowchart of Procedure (6 pts) Provide a diagram or scheme of the procedural steps you will be conducting.