This is the link to the live performance I would like to watch a World Music-related live concert performance on YouTube or some other online platform of at least 45 minutes in length and write a 2-page concert report on it. It should be in Chicago format (12 pt type, double-spaced, 1″ margins, etc.) Here are the three components I’m looking for: Introduction: The first paragraph should be a brief description of what you watched and why you picked it. You could include a URL for the performance here as well The main body of the paper should be a description of the music. Think about the kinds of terms you are learning in all your music classes about techniques, forms, textures, etc. Put your “music student hat” on and give me as clear a description you can of what you hear. Many cultural performances also include an element of dance or costumes, it would be appropriate to mention how that ties into the music performance as well. What are the instruments? Do a little research on the internet, give me a little background on the performer or style. Conclusion: In the final paragraph, I’m always very curious to know what you liked about it, what made the biggest impression on you, and why.