In what ways does information overload impact your own career?? I am in IT How extensive is the problem?? What are some ways in which you have tried to deal with information overload in your decision-making?? What are some strategies you found in the readings you found helpful? Reading 1 – “The Disinformation Age:” Rothkopf, D. J. (1999). The disinformation age. Foreign Policy, 83-96. Reading 2 – “The concept of Information Overload:” Eppler, M. J., & Mengis, J. (2004). The concept of information overload: A review of literature from organization science, accounting, marketing, mis, and related disciplines. The Information Society, 20(5), 325344. Reading 3 – Reading 4 – This is just a discussion post, no need for references. Also, please make sure the writer has the questions in the final draft.