When teachers design instruction, they often begin by looking at student assessment results. You will begin this week by analyzing student assessment results for a third grade class. You will determine as an educator, what math content standards were selected for the assessment. You will unpack the standards (from THE COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS TEXT) in order to identify the specific skills and concepts that are in this assessment. Once you have identified the standard and skills you will graph students’ performance based on the identified skills. You will then analyze student assessment data for the whole group and three focus students.

Your paper will have three parts:

Part 1: Graph to illustrate the data and results by skill within the content standard. The 3 graphs should organize results by content standards for the entire group of students (please reference the Common Core Mathematics Companion text).

Part 2: Analysis of the assessments (whole group):

What are the misconceptions?
What do they know?
What additional information might you need in regards to assessing math?
What questions would you need to ask to determine if they are developmentally ready (consider the CRA model)?
What are the potential barriers to their learning?
What are limitations of the assessment measure?

3. Analysis of three students to focus on individual student data (Tate, Fabiola and James)

Analyze individual student results.
Determine student assets you should consider for reteaching and future lessons.
Determine student areas for growth you should consider for reteaching and future lessons.

Use the provided template for this paper.
Include at least three references Using the following
Reference 1: https://nu.libguides.com/ITL516/home
Reference 2:https://vitalsource.com (Common Core Mathematics Companion text)
(Primary Reference 3 (Chapters 1-3 Only): https://vitalsource.com (Teaching Outside the Box: Technology Infused Math Instruction)
How to unpack standards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QDMaoWrELg#action=share
Added info: (Assessment Analysis) https://youtu.be/JPeLJF05xn0
Added info: (How to create a graph) https://youtu.be/RUrNGDRq6a4
How to Unpack a standard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QDMaoWrELg#action=share