You should research health challenges facing the country you selected(Ethiopia). Select two health issues to address—one communicable disease and one non-communicable health problem. The non-communicable disease may NOT be diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or obesity. The latter can be a disease or a social or behavioral health issue such as human trafficking, drug trade, violence against women, access to contraception, access to health care, etc. DO NOT go into detail about the disease itself or about prevention of the health conditions. Your paper should focus on how your selected health conditions are a result of the conditions in the country and all information presented about the health conditions should be give in the context of the country. Any discussion of a health condition without relating the disease to the conditions of the country will result in a lower grade. Include the following in the second
Thoughtful explanation of the reasons your group chose the two health issues it chose.
The epidemiology of each disease you selected from your country.
The age, gender, socio-economic status and, if applicable, the race/ethnicity of persons affected by each health issue in your country.
The geographic distribution within your selected country of each of the health issues and, if applicable, the seasonality of the health issues.
Morbidity and mortality rates within your selected country for each health condition.
How many people are affected each year in your country?
How many people die each year in your country from the health conditions?
What, if any, long-term disability does the health issue cause?
What are the risk factors for developing the health condition in your country?
How is the health condition prevented in your country?
How is the health condition treated in your country?