What has this class been about? What will this paper discuss? What lessons should the reader walk away with? The Business Environment What does business look like now in America now? Around the world? How will the economy be boosted? What does this mean for business owners and social responsibility efforts? What message should business new owners be communicating right now? Creating a Business Which form of business would you create right now? Discuss your ideas for good business prospects (ideas) and practices as the country and the world reopen for business. Financing a Business What kinds of loans are available to help you start a business? Where can you go to get help to launch a business? Once you had the money how would you manage it? Are there any financial tools that a must haves for business owners? Discuss. Marketing a Business How can a business communicate VALUE to their customers? Explain the options a business has to set the right price, select the right place to sell their product or service, select the right people (customers), and know exactly what product or service will sell best. Which is the best marketing channel? Why? Managing a Business Why is a manager important to a business? Are all managers created equal? Explain your answer. What can employers do to motivate a diverse group of employees? How can employers build a top quality workforce? Concluding thoughts on Business Operations What lessons have you learned about business in this class? Why is business important? Complete this summary with a positive and optimistic thought about the future of business in America and in the world.