Here is an article provided to assist from the class:

Also article: Johnson, D.W. & Lewicki, R.J. (1969). The initiation of superordinate goals:Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 5(9), 9-24. (Please note I do not have a copy of this article)

View the film WIN/WIN from Fox Searchlight Pictures (2011). You can download it from:!content/205298/Win-Win

After viewing the film:
1) Identifies the Parties
2) Identifies Positions and Interests
3) Articulates the Superordinate Goal
4) Looks at options that were examined and those you believe were unexamined
5) Identifies the BATNA’s of the parties (or indicates if there was no BATNA)
4) Explains the outcome and whether or not you believe it was a Win/Win – and why or why not.