The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research related to how a specific company utilizes information related to place and promotion to create marketing plans that will meet business needs including their specified marketing objectives, to assess and make recommendations about the marketing strategies that have been employed based upon the consumer and market research, and to communicate these findings to organizational stakeholders. Continuing in the role of a marketing professional who has been tasked with completing a marketing plan for a client refer back to the research you completed in Topic 2 Part 1: Research and the Topic 5 Part 2: Product or Service and Price assignments. Conduct additional research related to place and promotion and use it to complete the “Marketing Plan Analysis and Presentation: Part 3- Research Template.” Part 2: Add to the PowerPoint presentation you created in the Topic 5 assignment by creating five to eight additional slides that summarize your marketing plan analysis based on the research you have conducted about place and promotion. Slides should address each of the key areas listed below and should include speaker notes that explain how the company could have used what it learned about consumer behavior, product or service, and pricing to help it develop a marketing plan in order to meet the company’s marketing objectives and business needs. When creating the presentation, provide links to specific YouTube and social media site examples that illustrate the current company messaging and promotional techniques. The final presentation should provide a comprehensive look at how the brand promotes its products to customers. Based upon what you learned from your research and strategy assessment, recommend a strategy the company could employ to increase profits and sales to the target market. Include two or three final slides that summarize and justify your strategy recommendation. For the presentation of your PowerPoint, use Loom to create a video, Include an additional slide for the Loom link at the beginning of the presentation, and an additional slide for references at the end of the presentation. Place: 1. Describe distribution channels (direct, manufacturer to consumer, indirect, wholesalers/retailers, multi-channel). 2. Discuss possible channel conflicts. Promotion: 1. What forms of advertising and promotion does the company use? 2. What forms of media does the company use? Describe the media mix. 3. Illustrate the message the company currently uses. Strategy Recommendation: 1. Based on your research findings for the marketing mix, recommend a strategy that you believe will increase profits and sales to the target market. 2. Cite your specific research findings to justify your strategy assessment and recommendations. Part 3: Part of being a successful marketer is being able to develop marketing strategies based on consumer and market research and then communicate those ideas to stakeholders.