Acquiring more education (human capital) has always been promoted as a means of escaping poverty. Unfortunately, due to rising college costs, students have taken on unprecedented levels of student loan debt. For this paper, you will research (with a minimum of three additional scholarly resources) the “student loan bubble” and proposed solutions to assist the impacted economic actors. Reminder: You might try doing a Google search of “scholarly articles” followed by your topic. Econ.lib/library remains a good source or the online library of any major university. Note that N.Y. Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Business Week, etc. are not scholarly journals as they have not gone through a “peer-reviewed” process and are “.com” sites as well. The paper should address some of these main issues: Rising college costs and the reason for them. Is a college degree still worth the investment? What has been the trend in student loan debt over time? What are the individual and societal consequences of excessive student loan debt? What are some current proposals or programs aimed at solving the problem? What are some counter-arguments against student debt forgiveness? What responsibility should be borne by the borrower for the problem? Should college be reformed and if so what a reform look like?