Castellanos, Gloria, and Kamimura (2006) discuss family as an underlying theme throughout the book.

What is a university or academic family?
Have you created an academic family while at CSUN?
Who is included in your academic family?
Is self-care important in college and graduate school? Why? What forms of self-care do you engage in when you’re stressed with school?
The authors provide a student directive to “stay true to your cultural commitments while maintaining self-care.” Provide 5 tips provided from this section
Cite (hanging indent for lines 2 and on):

Castellanos, J., Gloria, A. M. and Kamimura, M. (2006). Enderezando El Camino/Straightening the Path: Dispelling Myths and Providing Directions for Latina/o Doctoral Students. In J. Castellanos, A. M. Gloria, and M. Kamimura (Eds.), The Latina/o Pathway to the Ph.D. Abriendo Caminos. Stylus.