Description of criterion This is your “Race In the News” Bulletin Board Assignment. NOTE: You are not being graded on your opinion, or how you feel about an issue, you will be graded on your effort, and how well you can follow basic instructions, including deadlines. Simply find a current newspaper/online article that discusses an issue with “race” or “racism” (on your own or using the “RACE IN THE NEWS” folder), and submit the following as written text, or as a Microsoft word document or Adobe PDF–GOOGLE DOCS are not accepted; 1) A direct link to the article; 2) A two-to-three paragraph description of the article covering the following; 1) what is the basic issue being discussed? Normally there are two sides to every “race” issue; 2) What are the perspectives of each side, and; 3) on a scale of 1-10, how serious do you perceive this specific issue to be within America? As with anything to do with “race” in this country, there are many perspectives, so don’t be afraid to use your own opinion and/or personal background once you’ve given me the basic facts. Remember, I am not grading you on your opinion or which “side” of the argument you are on.