1. How does Marx and Engels qualify history (473)? Do you agree or disagree? 2. What is the bourgeoisie (473)? 3. Why has bourgeois society not done away with class antagonisms (474)? What are the two classes that now oppose one another? 4. What notable historic events have given rise to the bourgeoisie (474)? 5. What is Marx and Engel’s summation of modern government (475)? 6. What are modern relations based on (476)? 7. On what principle(s) does the bourgeois rely on to exist (476)? 8. What is Marx and Engel’s critique of the global economy (which is not so dissimilar from contemporary critiques) (477)? 9. How does Marx and Engels qualify the work of the proletarian (479) ? This idea gives root to the concept of “estranged labor.” 10. What makes the work of the proletariat more precarious (480) ? Given the state of manufacture here and abroad, would you say that the assessment is accurate?