1: Engagement is designed to provide social work students with the opportunity to explore engagement in child welfare practice from theoretical and practice perspectives. Please answer the below questions in paragraph form. You will need to use the above case study for Part 2 of this outline. The paper should be two pages in length, double spaced, and use Times New Roman font in a 12-point size. Please cite the course material APA style, including a Cover Page and a Reference Page.

I. Engagement (Theory)

a. What is the engagement process?

b. When does the engagement process begin?

c. Describe role of the social work professional in the engagement process?

d. What are two (2) ways in which engagement is integral to child welfare practice? Please explain these three ways using course material to substantiate all points made.

e. What are two (2) factors that can make engagement challenging for the worker, and or the family?

f. How might you, as the social worker, be able to mitigate these challenges?

II. Engagement (Practice) Please base the answers to the following questions on the above vignette.

Describe to role of the social work professional to the reporter, child and or the child’s family during the engagement process?
How might you, as the worker engage this child and or the child’s family?
Using the course text, please explain how these approaches could be a best fit for the uniqueness of this scenario?
What are two (2) challenges you may encounter in the engagement process with the child and or the child’s family?