( Culture and Film Analysis) Approximately 3 pages in length (no less than 2.5 pages and no more than 3.5). This essay is shorter and sweeter. Typed, doubled-spaced, 1 margins, 12-point type, Times New Roman, and following MLA guidelines for page formatting and citations. Your name, English 11, and due date in the top left corner. Page numbers and surnames in the top right of the header. Third person POV! Your task is to analyze a film or TV series. Choose something that interest you. However, when youre choosing, keep in mind that youre going to be looking for something specific: cultural commentary. Thats a huge topic, so you still have a lot of freedom about what you watch. But ultimately, the multi-part question you want to consider in your essay is: What is this film or TV series claiming about culture and HOW do they get this point across?