Human Resources & orginazations: Human Resources (5 HR Policies) (the companies policies) *Explain every single one in max six lines Candidate Evaluation Form Employee Handbook Introduction and Purpose Ethics Code Outline Fair labor Standards Act (FLSA) Recognition Letters Samples Technical Means (Location) *Where the company located? In the appendix a map of Boston and the Icon of the business *Will you buy or rent? rent How much it may cost to rent , itll cost 15000 Legal structure: What kind of legal status is the company or cooperation , who are shelters & shareholders Status of each founder Capital distribution Refer to the Audivational chart of employees Role , provide description of the positions Hr policy 5 policies , *every policy max 6 lines Lgal structure: Limited liabilities business Rent our house rental budget: $15000 Is it a continuation of a business plan I will attach below, references literally must be everywhere, every two lines