Answer these Journal entries…just copy and paste the question and then answer for each, I have attached the powerpoints for the writer. The words are approximated, doesn’t have to be exact.

The Movie for Journal entry 11 is “The Godfather”

Here are the Questions:

Journal Entry #8 – (Appx 100 words) – During uncertain times like this, we often rely on films to comfort/entertain or help us pass the time. What is a film that you have relied on? Did it comfort/entertain or help you pass the time effectively? What is a specific film you would avoid watching in a time like this?

Journal Entry #9 – (Appx 100 words) – Editing – Give three examples of any of the editing techniques mentioned on the Editing Powerpoint that you have noticed in films you have watched recently.

Journal Entry #10 – (Appx 100 words) Sound – Give an example from a film you have seen where diegetic sound was used. Also, give an example from a film you have seen where non-diegetic sound was used.

Journal Entry #11 – (appx 200 words) After watching your Film #2 choice, what was your opinion of the Sound design for that film? Discuss by using the terms we covered in the Sound Design Powerpoint.

Journal Entry 12 – Visual Design – (Appx 200 words) What is a film you have seen that had excellent visual effects? What made them so successful? On the other hand, what is a film you have seen that has had horrible visual effects? What made them so unsuccessful?

Journal Entry #13 (Last one!) – Narrative – (Appx 200 words) – Take a look at the list of Subgenres on the last slide of the Narrative Powerpoint (which is slide #32). Which of those sub-genres do you enjoy best and why? Similarly, which sub-genre on that list do you enjoy least and why?