Current Event Related to Zeitoun Current Event: Coronavirus Directions: This essay asks you to focus on one or two aspects of Zeitoun and to find four research articles to supplement your discussion of that topic. For example, you might focus on the FEMA response to the disaster, and then find an article on what FEMA has accomplished in New Orleans since the disaster. You might focus on race or class, and find an article about that. Anything you come up with that is researchable is fine with me. Once you identify the issue you want to discuss and research, use the college databases to find credible articles. You may also use credible periodicals, like The Atlantic. Additionally, you may use credible online news sources, like or Other credible sites, like the, are also acceptable, as are documentaries. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source for this essay. We will discuss credible sources together in class. As you develop talking points for your essay, consider the following: how does this issue come up in the book? Why is it significant? How does it impact Zeitoun and his family, or other people in the book? What does the research article say about this issue? Does it support what the book says? How, or how not? What meaningful information did you get from the article?