This essay needs to new research pages (two pages) added based on the instructions I will provide via attachment. 1. What is your research topic? How has it been contested by credible authorities in the past? 2. What sort of evidence has been used to support these opposing interpretations? 3. You should have already done this in Part 1, but it needs to be revised based on your instructor’s feedback. 4. What is your hypothesis for how the issue may be resolved? 5. What theoretical school or tradition does this hypothesis develop from? 6. As noted above, your hypothesis might draw directly from the existing debate, one side of the controversy that you have already reviewed in Part 1. Or you might offer a new hypothesis, perhaps even one that combines elements of opposing sides. In either case, be specific about the hypothesis and situate it within a theoretical tradition 7. What are the testable implications of your hypothesis? That is, what types of data would you need to evaluate your hypothesis and resolve the debate. Again, be specific about the sorts of evidence and where this evidence would be found. 8. What field and laboratory methods would you need to gather these data? Once again, be specific. Would you need to do more survey, testing, or excavation? Where and how? Or would additional laboratory tests of some sort suffice? so he does not need to revise the essay please