Anemia Case Study
A 21-year-old Greek female presents to her PCP for establishment of care. She reports 3 months of progressive fatigue but has no other complaints. Family history is notable for anemia in her mother and older sister. Past medical history is positive for mild persistent asthma.

Her CBC collected in the office reveals the following:

WBC 6.8 k/cu mm
Hgb 8.9 g/dl
Hct 28 %
MCV 76 fL
RDW 20.5 %
Platelets 483 k/cu mm

Discussion Questions:

1-What would be the next set of labs you would expect to see ordered to determine the etiology of the anemia and why? Support with evidence from the literature.
2-Compare microcytic, normocytic, and macrocytic anemia and explain which of these is consistent with the labs above. Support with evidence.
3-Explain the physiology of how anemias impact oxygen transport and ways in which anemia patients compensate for decreased oxygen carrying capacity. Support with evidence.