1) Advice for the prevention of blood stains in fabric is to immediately use cold water to rinse the blood
away and to not let the blood dry. Use the biochemical principals surrounding protein structure,
folding, and denaturation to explain why this method works to prevent blood stains.

2) Life has been found on a newly discovered planet not too far from our solar system! The planet is
named Nairb. A mission was sent to Nairb to learn more about these new life forms and the following
data was obtained. The life forms on Nairb have a similar appearance to those of earth. These new
life forms are also composed of many very similar molecular building blocks to life forms on earth, for
example: amino acids and lipids are the same. However, there is one huge difference: on Nairb cells
have the nonpolar solvent hexane substituted in the place of water.
Answer the following questions by describing how the biochemistry on Nairb would differ from that of
earth. You should justify your answer to each question with an explanation that uses theory from
2280 course content.
a) What would the structure of membranes would be like in the cells of life forms on Nairb?
b) What would the structure of transmembrane proteins be like in cells on Nairb?
c) What would the structure, folding, and primary sequence of a ‘soluble’ (free in solution) protein
be like in cells on Nairb? ( Answers to all parts a, b, c on the same page please)

3) Write an analogy for the separation of one protein from a mixture by column chromatography that
could be understood by an average member of the public. For example, in your analogy you might
explain how to separate Nurses from all other people who are in a hospital. The first column step in
my example purification might involve using a size exclusion column that will separate away people
with big heads due to their many, and long, university degrees (MDs and PhDs). I would need to give
an explanation for how my column separates based on size to achieve purification. In the next step(s)
of my purification I would now need to separate nurses from patients and orderlies (and anyone else
in a hospital). You cannot use my awesome example for your analogy. Your analogy does not have to
involve people (that is just what came to my mind). Your purification should involve at least 2 column
steps, but your creativity mark (see the rubric below) may be helped by having another 1 or 2 steps.
In your answer, you should avoid scientific jargon if possible, and define any jargon you must use in
layman’s terms. You might imagine you are trying to explain purification to a (non-scientist) member
of your family