Your Final Projects are THREE-fold 1) Create a teaching aid You may use Prezi, Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, etc. to accomplish this task. The goal is to create a teaching instrument that teaches someone how to utilize a piece of online, social technology in a safe manner. You must address a relevant cybersecurity concern – privacy, accessibility, encryption, ′need to know′ and similar concepts with your smart card. Address the following points: On the topic of your chosen technology, what are the DO′s and DONT′s? Managing your PROFILE when using the Service? How is a person′s PROFILE seen when using the Service? is there a user generated profile page? does the Service publish to social networks? can someone else see what you see? can you set permissions / restrictions on your information? what are the PROFILE SETTINGS to set when using the Service? Can 3rd party APPLICATIONS interact with your information? Any useful links for additional info (do NOT copy from the existing smart cards) What else can you think of? Quality of your final deliverable is important. 2) Create a presentation / video / game You must create a multimedia presentation / video / game showing the use of your smart card in action. You may utilize PowerPoint, Windows MovieMaker, iMovie, Prezi, RPG Maker, or any other medium / technology to accomplish this task. You must do more than simply ′read′ your smartcard. Examples include: Make use of screen capture technology to show your changes in action Before / after screens Voice over – instructions, steps, etc. Use animations, drawings, icons, etc. Anything is fair game Be sure to observe licensing with regard to music and pictures that are not your own Content must be appropriate for education. A question to ask yourself – would you take the time to watch this on YouTube or play the game? Have fun with it! 3) ′Teach someone to fish′ – Instruct someone on Information Security Concepts Have a conversation with someone (parent / sibling / family / friend / class / community center / etc) Address their concerns with information security: a) Pick any three (3) and discuss your experience navigating privacy settings. (You can do more if you like!) Reflection: Did they know they could set privacy settings for their favorite services? – Which services did they select? – What actions did you help them take? b) Use this opportunity to demonstrate your newly designed smart card! c) Solicit feedback. What else, if anything, was discussed with regard to their concerns for privacy on the Internet? Did they give you any takeaways on the material and topics discussed? If so, what were they? Did they appreciate your time with regard to information security concepts? engaged and interested vs. distracted and bored? Would you say their information literacy is high or low? does information literacy matter with regard to information security? Did they have suggestions with regard to the subject matter or materials? What would you suggest could be done to better educate folks on the topic of information security? What do they want to hear about (a topic that matters to them)?