No need for citations – It is supposed to look like a journal entry based on Chapter 9 through 11. Can get free copy of book on or epub.
It’s 1925 and you are the parent of a 17 year-old child and you are going crazy trying to understand them. You are tired of the fighting; you are tired of feeling so confused about their interests, education, and their own confusions about you as a parent. And yet you see something of yourself in them and you love them. You decide to write them a letter to explain where you came from—what your roots are—and how your experiences as a child and young adult made you who you are. You write also to explain to your child why you do and say the things you. In your letter you also try to understand your child’s perspective, which is “modern” and scares you.

You are either a white, middle-class urban-dwelling man or woman or anyone else whom you wish you inhabit for the sake of your narrative. Keep in mind the following:

– Where you came from—either somewhere else in the US or from outside of the US

– Your educational experience before and during the Progressive Era and its aftermath

– Your social status and your social life – if you had one

– What you wish to see happen to your relationship and in the country as a result of your child reading your letter