Module 4:Assessment
Which THREE (3) of the following five are examples of failures of A) Applicability; R) Relevance; and S/G) Sufficiency/Good reason. Explain why?
• American efforts to build democracies in Germany and Japan after World War II were highly successful; therefore the efforts to build democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan will be successful too.
• “This statement is wholly inadequate to justify the death penalty … There is no evidence whatever that utilization of imprisonment rather than death encourages private feuds or other disorders … It simply defies belief to suggest that the death penalty is necessary in order to stop the American people from taking the law into their own hands.”Justice Thurgood Marshall, in dissent
• We arrived at the gate at 7:30, and the cashier happily took our money for admission, without any word of warning. As soon as we entered the zoo and walked across the bridge, the loudspeaker announced that the zoo was closing at 8. We asked if we could get a pass for the following day, but the answer was no. In summary, it is easy to see that Calgary is anything but a friendly city, but rather out to take the tourist for all that they can get.
• Students in my philosophy class do not work as hard as students in my philosophy class did last year; Therefore students in the university are not working as hard as they did last year.
• Today your kids can watch drug deals, shootouts, and sex on TV, or they can learn Spanish, French, German and Italian. They’re going to watch TV anyway – four, maybe five hours a day – so why not put some of that time into constructive use? Order today for a free 30-day trial our renowned audio-visual language course.