a. Explain why you selected this river and what it means to you. Have you been on the river, rafted in the river, fished in the river, swam in the river . . . ? b.Description of theRiver Basin (including area impacted by its drainage). What are its source and its mouth (delta)? Provide characteristics of length and volume. 2.)What do you think may impact the supply of water in the River? Discuss natural disasters such as flooding, but also the impact of human activities, both positive and negative human impacts.3.)How is the river used and by whom? 4.)What political and economic forces do you think are at play in planning for the river and its dependent region? Who are the stakeholders (interested people that use the river) and why are they, stakeholders? Stakeholders may be numerous –residents, indigenous populations, politicians, urban officials. 5.)What are the particular hazards the human population will face with this river system in the 21stcentury? Provide details and descriptions. 6.)Discuss any cultural, religious, spiritual, sacred, and mystical aspects to the river you have chosen.