Who is a migrant? Differentiate between migrants and refugees.

Recognizing THREE sectors in Qatar where migrants work, discuss their contribution to Qatar.

Compare your insights with commonsensical ideas about migrants competing against the locals/citizens in jobs and welfare opportunities, and make your argument.


What is multiculturalism? Recognize the political, social, and cultural factors shape multiculturalism from the readings (week 11, and 12).

How do your knowledge about multiculturalism challenge commonsensical ideas about inclusion and exclusion in the Gulf countries?

Make an argument about the prospects and challenges of multiculturalism in Qatar.


Briefly describe a migrant female domestic worker in Qatar from your experience with them.

How do the Zina-law and the kefala system make the natural act of child-birth a crime and the accused migrant female domestic workers criminals?

In what ways would you be able to make positive changes in the life of the migrant female domestic workers in Qatar?