In detail, answer the following questions regarding your interest in Scriptwriting. Each answer should be 200 words, 12-font, double-spaced. Upload answers here as a PDF. 1. Why are you interested in scriptwriting? 2. What film(s) or television show(s) directed your aspirations to scriptwriting, and why? 3. Whom do you feel is an important screenwriter (dead or alive), and why? 4. If you could adapt any play or book into a screenplay for a film, what would it be, and why? 5. Upon the advice shared in the interviews, what are some challenges scriptwriters encounter? The two movies to base the questions off of Wendy Kram – Advice for 22-Year-Old Screenwriters (Film Courage, 10.7.18) Aaron Sorkin – Master Class (TIFF Originals, 9.8.17)