ANSWER 4 OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS CLEARLY AND CONCISELY. AT THE END OF THE EXAM DOCUMENT YOUR SOURCES. 1) In 1790, George Washington wrote a letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, R.I. stating the U. S. “gives to bigotry no sanction , to persecution no assistance.” Has this always been the case? Prove your answer using specific historical examples. 2) “There is no hope for Israel in Russia. The salvation of the downtrodden people lies in other parts, in a land beyond the seas, which knows no distinction of race or faith, which is a mother to Jew and Gentile alike. In the great republic is our redemption from the brutalities and ignominies to which we are subjected in this our birthplace. In America we shall find rest’ the stars and stripes will wave over the true home of our people.” The quotation above makes America sound like a garden of Eden but was it really true both at the time it was written, circa 1905, and is it true today. defend your answer using specific historical evidence. 3) In what ways did Jewish immigrants influence American economic, political and cultural life in the early 20th century? 4) Describe how the Great Depression affected the daily lives of average Americans specifically in regard to employment, basic needs such as food clothing and shelter. Include information about the social and psychological effects on the population. 5) Aside from bombing the Auschwitz death camps, there were other ways that many Jewish lives could have been saved prior to the establishment of the death camps. Why didn’t FDR attempt to rescue at least some of the Jewish refugees?